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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Baum.jpgFor centuries, there have been many books available for children. Some of them have stood the test of time and taken their place as the masterpieces of the whole heritage of children's literature.

These are books we have cherished for all our lives. We call them the All-Time Great Children's Books.

We gathered as a small group of collectors. Together, we evaluated the children's literature in our private collections. We developed our own list of the All-Time Great Children's Books.

These are the books that appear when you go to View The List.

The Treasury of Great Children's Books is all about those magnificent literary achievements.

Beyond them, there are other children's books that are also of great worth. From our private collections, we have developed our own list of them as well.

Our lists are not static. Rather, they are growing all the time.

Our Editorial Board considers new books. Each candidate is read, discussed, researched and debated. When the Board is ready, they vote on whether to include it in our list of the All-Time Great Children's Books.

We make our list of All-Time Great Children's Books freely available to any person who visits the Treasury of Great Children's Books. They can see it at View the List, which is the most prominent part of our navigation menu.


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