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Of all the books available for children, some of them have stood the test of time. They have taken their place as the masterpieces of the whole heritage of children's literature.

These are books we have cherished for all our lives.

We call them the All-Time Great Children's Books.

In our day, original editions of these legacy masterpieces are rarely available in print. By now, many individual copies have been lost forever or are held in private collections. 

We want to make these great children's books more widely available. That desire for others to be able to share our joy was how the Treasury of Great Children's Books began. 

We want to make it possible for people to (re)discover these masterpieces and enjoy them all over again. We want to make it possible for a whole new generation of children to be able to benefit from these great books. Whether you are a parent or a collector, we want to create an online community where you can share this joy. 

A part of celebrating great children's books is to celebrate the people who made them: their authors and illustrators. In the whole heritage of children's literature, they are the heroes.

We began by building a website. That's what you're seeing right now. Behind the scenes, it includes some very sophisticated software that was professionally developed exactly for us and what we have in store. 

Then we added a community forum where those who love great children's books can share their excitement and insights with each other. 

We will soon begin making our own high-resolution scans of great children's books. They will be original paper editions from private collections. They will be the best available, scanned at the best quality, using a state-of-the-art scanning machine. 

We will make these scans available to our Premium Members for viewing online, and for purchase as ebooks.

Stay tuned. We have a lot more in store!


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